Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dead End Bridge

It’s that time again! I have a new story up on the Kindle store. Science fiction of course, but this time with a hint of noir. To quote my Amazon blurb:

Leonard was nothing but a grit fiend, whiling his days away in a high-rise slum on the wrong side of what used to be the George Washington Bridge. That all changed when Camille, a beautiful woman from his favorite dive bar, drew him into a plot to kill her boyfriend, a dangerous and abusive local gangster. Suddenly Leonard is sucked into a world of spine-tapping arachmods and ruthless gang warfare in 22nd-century Manhattan, muddling through a half-baked scheme that may save Camille’s life — or cost him his own.

If that sounds interesting, click the image above and give it a look. It’s free today and tomorrow (Friday, May 4th and Saturday May 5th, for those reading from the future). The standard offer applies: if you would like a free copy after the promotion ends, follow me on Twitter and send me a @message and I’ll get you a review copy.

Thanks to my Radial Works Media cohorts John Shutt and Pete Ingham for editing, as well as J. Daniel Batt for another excellent cover design.