The Metanautics Department Presents…

The Decay is coming.

The entire world will be consumed.

Can you possibly escape?


Price: $1.99

“A twist on the traditional hero’s tale, with Science Fiction crashing into Fantasy in a way that Weisser makes his own, this book is a must, along with any that may follow.” — WhatCulture!



The Decay is coming, and Ian, a fifteen-year-old from the Northwestern Forests of the Region, must flee his home village or be melted into noxious brown goo. With the help of an eccentric mage and an annoyingly cheerful orphan, he escapes to the Capital, fending off quadrupedal orcs, superintelligent vultures, and some of the Region’s less desirable human residents. But when he encounters a mysterious stranger who reveals that the Region may not be what it appears, he must decide whether to stay faithful to his friends, or abandon them and seek the truth.

Not your typical fantasy or science fiction book, EPIC FANTASY 0.9b is a genre-bending trip through a strange and surprising realm, blending action, adventure, drama and humor into a fast-paced, unforgettable story.

A novella of 35,000 words. Includes world map.

The first two chapters of the book can be previewed on my blog, starting here.


Where to Purchase

Smashwords Note

If you have a reading device with a web browser (iPad/iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, etc.), you can open the Smashwords page in your e-reader, click the appropriate download link for your device, and the book should open directly. If the device reports that the format is unknown, you may have to install an e-reader app such as the Kindle App, Stanza, etc.

If you have another reading device or you wish to read the book on your desktop/laptop, see these instructions on the Smashwords site.

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