Ankaran Immersion Release

I’m overwhelmingly delighted to announce the release of Ankaran Immersion, my debut science fiction novel from Dragon Moon Press. You can get it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other places.


More can and will be said about where this journey into writing has taken me thus far, how I feel now and what lies ahead both for this book and others. For now though I’d just like to thank everyone for supporting me thus far, and I hope you all enjoy the book (you should, it’s pretty awesome).


Tales of the Sunrise Lands Anthology

I’m pleased to announce that Guardbridge Books has published Tales of the Sunrise Lands: Anthology of Fantasy Japan, with one of my stories (“The Three”) included:


Every story in the anthology takes place in a fantasy version of historical Japan. Mine is about a (magical) calligrapher, a warrior monk, and a wandering musician who band together to save a village from a belligerent daimyo. Think of it as a samurai tale in the vein of “Yojimbo” or “Lone Wolf and Cub,” but with a fantasy twist. I haven’t read the others yet, but from the names and descriptions on display I’m expecting some really excellent work.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or directly from Guardbridge (UK only).

Go check it out!

Summer News Update

Hey! Just a quick update on writing related stuff for 2017.

The biggest news is that ANKARAN IMMERSION is officially in production. I received first pass edits and have been going through the suggestions as well as doing a little tightening of my own while I have the chance. I’m sure when all is said and done I’ll be sick of reading this book, but for now I remain amazed at how well it came together and at the moment I’m super excited to share it with everyone.

Meanwhile, AETHERIA’S DAEMON is out and going strong, and I’d like to thank everyone again for their support in getting it launched. One small bit of news is that it’s entered in the SPFBO, which is a contest run by award-winning fantasy author Mark Lawrence. Given the amount of competition my odds of winning anything are rather slim, but it’s still fun to follow along either on Mark’s site or using the #spfbo hashtag on Twitter, and I’m sure in the end some really awesome books will come to more public attention as they have in previous years.

New(er) work: I completed an outline for a new science fiction novel, with the working title of (big reveal alert) BOUNDARY CONDITION. The book will be similar to ANKARAN IMMERSION in some ways. They’re both science fiction and they’re both a manageable length (~85k words, though obviously I don’t know the exact length of BOUNDARY CONDITION yet). But there are differences: the main characters in BOUNDARY CONDITION are older, the world is utopian and not post-apocalyptic, and a good portion of it takes place in space, which makes it easier to slot into the “classic” sci-fi mode, whereas ANKARAN IMMERSION is much more influenced by anime and the like. It’ll be great!

Hope everyone has a nice summer (or winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere and/or Westeros) planned. More news as it comes later.

Aetheria’s Daemon Release

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my second full-length novel, AETHERIA’S DAEMON, an epic fantasy of 155,000 words.

First up, the goods. Here’s the cover:

Aetheria's Daemon Cover

The book takes place in the world of Aetheria, where a thought can conjure any object into existence—temporarily, at least—and humans are ageless. New people appear seemingly at random, and no one knows exactly why. Until…

Meli, a practitioner of the arts of plant and animal creation, has a dream in which she is holding a baby, something no one in Aetheria has heard of before. Drawn by a powerful urge to find the truth behind her vision, she recruits Ariden, an unsociable vagabond and legendary fighter, and Karis, an aged airship engineer with the appearance of a teen girl, to help her make a perilous journey across the ocean.

What follows thereafter is an epic adventure through a world of immortals, ancient gods, giant monsters, murderous plants, gladiatorial pankration, airship battles, and general drama/mayhem.

If that sounds like something you might enjoy, head over to the book page for links to purchase or download a sample.

Secondly, my usual gentle reminder: adding books to your shelves on Goodreads, rating them and especially leaving reviews on Amazon is immensely helpful for me (and every other author).

Finally, please note that this book should not be confused with ANKARAN IMMERSION, which is coming out later this year from Dragon Moon Press. Much more will be forthcoming on that, so watch for more news later this year.

Now, go read my book!

Spoiler-ific “Rogue One” Thoughts

The second of what is shaping to be an annual Star Wars movie release under the new Disney regime is in the wild, and from what I’ve seen the fan and critical consensus is mostly positive. Well, I saw the movie Friday morning, and while I didn’t think it was terrible by any means, I do have some comments on what are (to me) some obvious failings.

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Good News/Publishing Announcement

Hello! Since I have a habit of burying the lede, I’ll just come right out and say it: I’ve signed a contract with Dragon Moon Press to publish my next novel.

Of course I’m overjoyed at this development. Some of the reasons should be obvious: lots of time invested (years!), big milestone, excited by the opportunity for people to see my work, and so on. But I’m also jazzed to be working with Dragon Moon in particular. They’ve in business as a small press since 1993, which by itself is fairly astonishing. Their covers look fantastic. And most importantly, though every Author is different, from the discussions we’ve had I feel they’re a great fit for me and my current goals.

As for the book itself, you can read a bit about the plot and the process of writing it in my post-mortem here. And if you want more…well, you’ll have to wait. This process will in all likelihood not be speedy, but I’m happy to document what I can along the way for those who are interested (I mean, it would interest me, so there must be someone else out there). There will be plenty of time later to get into more detailed marketing stuff, title, cover reveal, sample and so on. For now, I’m simply giving a heads up that good things are on the way. And in the meantime, I have more writing to do….

Guest Episode of “That Which is Known” Podcast

That Which is Known is a five-minute, weekly podcast by author Michael Coorlim, in which he presents interesting facts on topics of research relevant to what he’s writing. Recently he put out an open call for others to produce guest episodes with the same format, and I volunteered to record one on the topic of alternate universes, with a tie-in of course to my work on the Reintegrators.

The episode is up now at the TWIK site (and on iTunes and what-have-you):

A small, blog-only “fun fact”: I was familiar with the many-worlds interpretation of Q.M. when I started writing the Reintegrators, but the “ultimate ensemble” idea (which Kevin explains to Teddy in chapter 5, though he doesn’t name it as such) was something I came up on my own, and that in turn led to the genesis of the entire book. It wasn’t until later that I found out about Dr. Tegmark’s work, and was quite pleased that an air of authenticity had thus been laid over the whole thing ;P.

Anyway, check out the podcast if you want to hear my sultry radio voice. I also recommend Mr. Coorlim’s fiction for fans of steampunk mysteries. I’m considering doing more stuff like this in the future, so if you’d like to see more, let me know in the usual places.