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Language in Speculative Fiction

So, I hit a bit of a block with my next book.

The good news is, after taking the story apart and analyzing it (with some help from my wife), I feel like I’ve resolved the issue, which means I’m ready to get to work on it again.

The bad news is that the 10k or so words I wrote for it already will have to be re-written. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but still a little disappointing. It’s not a total waste–the characters and plot ideas I developed can mostly be re-used–but the text itself is no good, mainly because it was reading too much like science fiction.

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The Next Big Thing

Fantasy author J.D. Hallowell tagged me in The Next Big Thing, which is a blog tour/cross-linking thing where authors answer a fixed set of ten questions, then tag other authors to continue the chain. Since I needed something to write about this week anyway, here are my answers:

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