Monthly Archives: June 2017

Summer News Update

Hey! Just a quick update on writing related stuff for 2017.

The biggest news is that ANKARAN IMMERSION is officially in production. I received first pass edits and have been going through the suggestions as well as doing a little tightening of my own while I have the chance. I’m sure when all is said and done I’ll be sick of reading this book, but for now I remain amazed at how well it came together and at the moment I’m super excited to share it with everyone.

Meanwhile, AETHERIA’S DAEMON is out and going strong, and I’d like to thank everyone again for their support in getting it launched. One small bit of news is that it’s entered in the SPFBO, which is a contest run by award-winning fantasy author Mark Lawrence. Given the amount of competition my odds of winning anything are rather slim, but it’s still fun to follow along either on Mark’s site or using the #spfbo hashtag on Twitter, and I’m sure in the end some really awesome books will come to more public attention as they have in previous years.

New(er) work: I completed an outline for a new science fiction novel, with the working title of (big reveal alert) BOUNDARY CONDITION. The book will be similar to ANKARAN IMMERSION in some ways. They’re both science fiction and they’re both a manageable length (~85k words, though obviously I don’t know the exact length of BOUNDARY CONDITION yet). But there are differences: the main characters in BOUNDARY CONDITION are older, the world is utopian and not post-apocalyptic, and a good portion of it takes place in space, which makes it easier to slot into the “classic” sci-fi mode, whereas ANKARAN IMMERSION is much more influenced by anime and the like. It’ll be great!

Hope everyone has a nice summer (or winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere and/or Westeros) planned. More news as it comes later.