Aetheria’s Daemon

An Adventure Beyond Imagination

Aetheria's Daemon Cover

To most, Aetheria is a paradise. What else to call a place where a thought can summon any object into existence?

But not for Meli. She alone is driven by questions no one else understands, and feels imprisoned by the constructs of her world.

When she meets Ariden, a rogue fighter, she sees a way to leave her home and find the answers she seeks. Along with her friend Karis, a genius engineer, the three undertake a journey through warring sky-pirates, giant monsters, and mysterious religious cults.

To succeed, Meli must find a dark, enigmatic entity connected to the secret that binds her and Aetheria.

Meli must find the Daemon.

AETHERIA’S DAEMON, an epic science fiction novel. 150,000 words, 412 pp.

Available now in Paperback and eBook

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