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EPIC FANTASY 0.9b, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Chapter 2

“Mortimer, you stink!” Gus said, pointing a finger at the object of his ridicule.

“Hey, leave him alone.” Bart’s head, topped with his mop of brown hair, peered over Gus’s shoulder. It was an easy feat, since he was a foot taller than his companion. “What did ol’ Mort ever do to you?”

“It’s true!” Gus slapped his hand on the fence of the corral. “All the other pigs try to avoid their own poop, but Mortimer doesn’t care. He’s so old and fat, he just lays right in it. Don’t you, you stupid fat hog?”

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EPIC FANTASY 0.9b, Part 1

The following is the first chapter of my new science fiction novella, EPIC FANTASY 0.9b. It’s also available as a full e-book; click the link above for more info. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Ian looked down from the outcropping of gray rock and spied on the Dracinarium nestled in the gully. To his right, the path meandered back and forth, forming an easy route to its front door, but Ian was in no mood to prolong his journey. After a quick check to make sure the leather pouch was still attached securely to his belt, he leapt forward, bounding down the rock face with a few well-timed hops to the clearing below.

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