Explanation for Lack of Updates and a Bit of Rambling

Just wanted to make a quick post so any visitors can see that this blog is not dead, despite any appearances. I took a week off of work, and when not cooling my jets a little I was very focused on working on my novel. In addition, I read a couple of review submissions and got a good way through them before deciding they weren’t quite for me. Kind of a bummer, but it happens; if I’m going to recommend books I really think are worth reading, I can’t let the time I’ve sunk into a book already bias me toward it.

The good news is, I’m definitely enjoying the book I’m reading now and will post a review when I’m finished. For everyone else who has sent me a book to review, I appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, I’m never going to be able to read everything in my “queue” because too many of the books are 400+ pages long, and I have too many new submissions coming in every day. Such are the perils of being loquacious! I don’t want to lecture anyone and tell them to write shorter stuff; maybe that’s just how your art needs to be expressed, or maybe you feel it’s better to give readers more value for their money. But, it’s a fact that there is a severe deficit of people willing to (honestly) review books as compared to the number of self-published writers, and our time is finite, so that’s a trade-off to consider when planning your next novel (and yes, I’m aware that some people don’t plan novels at all and just keep writing until they feel they’re done–but that’s a topic for another time).

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