A Cool Idea For A Good Cause

Mark Lawrence, author of the acclaimed Broken Empire series, has launched a small but interesting site, The Million Dollar Bookshop. Authors pay by the pixel to have their books featured, and readers can browse and click on any that look interesting to go to that book’s web site. So yes, essentially pixel ads for books, but there’s a twist: all of the money goes to children’s charities. I applaud Mark for his ingenuity and generosity, and I hope this idea catches on so that more authors jump on the bandwagon, spread the site by word of mouth, and hopefully do a lot of good for children in need. And if I do end up seeing a measurable uptick in sales of Epic Fantasy 0.9b in the next three months or so, I’ll go ahead and donate the proceeds to Heifer International as well.

Good luck Mark, and happy reading all.

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